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Just recently, the New Jersey Association for Justice (NJAJ) asked for Mr. Wright’s assistance in writing briefs for an important case currently on appeal in New Jersey.  NJAJ, a trial lawyers’ organization that is “is dedicated to protecting New Jersey’s families by working to preserve and strengthen the laws for safer products and workplaces, a cleaner environment and quality health care,”  is applying to the Court for the right to appear as “amicus curiae.”

The term “amicus curiae” is Latin for “friend of the court.”  In New Jersey, an organization who is not directly involved in a lawsuit, but has a strong interest in the case, can ask for Court’s permission to appear as amicus curiae.  If permission is granted, the Court can consider the organizations briefs and arguments.

Our firm is honored to have been invited to participate in this important process, and if the Court grants NJAJ permission to appear as amicus curiae, we will follow up with an update.

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