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Corporate DiscussionSince our victory in the New Jersey Supreme Court last month, big law firm and corporate bloggers have been buzzing about the effects the ruling will have on their ability to get around the protections of the legal system and keep consumers in the dark about their rights.  In the ruling, the Justices unanimously struck down a contract provision purporting to take away our client’s right of access to the Court system because the language was unclear.  The bloggers’ responses have been varied, with some calling for the defendants to appeal the case to the United States Supreme Court and others suggesting that the New Jersey Supreme Court believes that consumers in our State are not very smart.

All the articles, however, make one thing abundantly clear:  Corporations and their attorneys are worried that the decision will make it more difficult for them to take away consumers’ Constitutional rights.  With each victory for New Jersey Consumers, big business will try even harder to keep our citizens out of the courtroom.

In the meantime, we will continue to fight to make sure the courtroom doors are not closed to New Jersey Consumers.

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