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Deepak GuptaWe announce with great pride that Deepak Gupta of Gupta Beck PLLC in Washington, D.C. has come aboard in our fight for justice.  Mr. Gupta was instrumental in writing our Brief in Opposition to the defendant’s petition to the United States Supreme Court in the matter of U.S. Legal Services Group, L.P. v. Atalese.  The briefs, which were filed on May 1, 2015, explain why the High Court should deny the defendant’s petition and preserve the victory we scored for consumers in New Jersey.

Mr. Gupta is an incredible advocate, and according to his website, he brings great knowledge and experience to our fight, such as:

  • Senior Litigation Counsel and Senior Counsel for Enforcement Strategy at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau during the new federal agency’s founding;
  • Extensive experience before the United States Supreme Court;
  • Lead appellate counsel in Chevron v. Donziger, opposing Chevron’s efforts to collaterally attack an $8.6 billion oil pollution judgment won by indigenous residents of Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest;
  • Appearing on television and radio including CNN, FOX News, ABC’s World News and Good Morning America, and NPR’s All Things Considered and Marketplace;
  • Quoted by publications including The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

With Mr. Gupta’s experience in our country’s highest Court, and our firm’s in-the-trenches approach to consumer protection, we hope the defendant’s petition will be denied, and New Jersey Consumers’ rights will be preserved.  We are looking forward to the Court’s decision.

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