New Jersey Construction Industry Attorney William Wright

Construction projects are complex and many legal issues can arise throughout the course of a job.  The chart below shows just some of the many different potential problems from the perspective of the different parties involved.

General Contractor

  • property owners do not pay
  • subcontractors do not show up
  • subcontractors demand payment
  • subcontractors are injured
  • employees are injured
  • unavailability of materials


  • general contractor fails to pay
  • employees are injured
  • property owner in a dispute with general contractor
  • unavailability of materials

Property Owner

  • the job is taking too long
  • the contractors go over budget
  • someone gets injured on your property
  • the job is done poorly or incorrectly
  • unavailability of materials
  • permit and insurance issues

Material Supplier

  • unpaid invoices
  • dispute between general contractor and subcontractor
  • dispute with property owner
  • unavailability of materials

The Law Office of William Wright can help you if you are a general contractor, a subcontractor, a homeowner or property owner or if you are a material supplier.  Mr. Wright has experience in all the areas listed above and can help simplify and resolve these complex issues.