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Medical BillsShortly after you receive medical attention related to an accident, you are likely to start receiving bills from the hospital and other providers who treat you. This can add an additional layer of stress that you do not need when recovering from your injures.

Thankfully, New Jersey requires that every standard car insurance policy contain “Personal Injury Protection” benefits, or PIP benefits. PIP benefits are available to the named insured on the policy, as well as family members residing in the household. The benefits are available for almost any accident involving a vehicle, including accidents with pedestrians, passengers and even those who are struck from an object thrown from a vehicle. The most important part of the law surrounding PIP benefits is that in almost all accidents, medical bills are paid regardless of who is responsible for causing the accident. N.J.S.A. 39:6A-4.

If you are having trouble with your medical bills after an accident, do not stress. Up to certain dollar limits selected by the insured, your car insurance, or the car insurance of someone in your household should take care of your bills.

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